• As the temperature begins to drop, it is time to make sure your winter weather clothing is ready to help you battle the cold. I love the warmth that a down jacket provides but with normal wear and occasional winter exploring, down jackets eventually become dirty, lose their loft, and acquire the smell of a yeti. Learn how to wash your down jacket. [...]
  • In The Manly Green Testosterone Guide, I detail how to increase and maintain your testosterone by living a greener, healthier life. Yes, by living an eco-friendly lifestyle you will increase your testosterone. Rather than focusing in on the symptom of low testosterone, The Manly Green Testosterone Guide zeros in on the larger environmental causes. Download for FREE [...]
  • I love pumpkin and from the looks of the grocery store aisles, so does everyone else. Pumpkin spiced cookies, coffees, cakes, and candles. Do they make pumpkin spiced toilet paper yet? Rather than eating processed junk that tastes like pumpkin, try eating some actual pumpkin. I'm sure my soul warming Manly Green Pumpkin Coconut Curry will become a staple this fall and winter [...]
  • Washing your entire body with soap strips your skin of beneficial bacteria, making you prone to acne and eczema. Additionally, the over use of soap strips your body of natural oils, leading to dry skin, opening your skin up to infection and decreased overall immunity. Learn where to clean and what kind of soap to use [...]
  • Don't waste your money buying a cheap pre-packaged Halloween costume. Instead, check out these Manly Green Halloween Costumes, using things you already own. You'll prevent waste and save money. Something on this list of more than 40 Manly and Green Halloween Costumes should work for you [...]
  • I love growing a beard. It means I have to shave less. It doesn't, however, mean that I just completely ignore the area between my nose and clavicle. To keep your beard this side of sexy, as opposed to ZZ Top, I recommend regular grooming and the use of beard oil, beard balm, or both. Check out my Bourbon Barrel Beard Balm recipe or the other options I have for you [...]
  • Looking for a good pair of men's organic jeans? Look no further. All men need a good pair of jeans and environmentalist want clothing made from sustainable fabrics. Environmentalist men want both. A few years ago, it was impossible to find a good pair of men’s organic jeans that didn’t make your lower half look like a blocky cartoon. Now, you have a few good options [...]
  • I've lived the past 4 plus years without a car. I get around by foot, bike, public transit, taxi, Uber, and occasionally the kindness of friends. Do you think you could live a carless life? How about driving less or becoming a one car family? You might find that both you and the planet are happier when you live without a car. [...]
  • In the US, it is estimated that 25 to 40% of all food that is grown, processed, and transported will never be consumed. I try to make use of every bit of food I buy and compost what remains. Did you know that you can eat the rind of a watermelon? Plain, it taste pretty bad but it can be transformed into something super tasty. [...]
  • Every man needs a good pair of classic fitting dark wash jeans that he can use to dress up with a button-down for a date or to complement a worn t-shirt. As with anything you buy, you should invest in quality. A good pair of well-made sturdy jeans will cost anywhere from $90 and beyond. After buying a pair of jeans you're going to want to take care of them - jeans are rugged, but they're not indestructible. [...]
  • When is the last time you turned over a rock to see what animals were under it? Slugs, snails, pill bugs - these were the first specimens of my childhood study of the natural world. As I have studied the natural world, I've only learned how little I actually know. The biological systems that make up our planet are so complex, intricate, and amazing. [...]
  • The average American creates 4.3 pounds of waste per day, way up from the 1.6 pounds that we produced in 1960. Batteries, lightbulbs, paint, used cooking oil, electronics, cosmetics, and medications can be thrown in the trash. That, however, doesn't mean they should be. Here is how you can dispose of some of the most toxic items that are ending up in your trash [...]

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Live A Plastic Free Life

by Tyler Lloyd in LIFE

I've been on a mission to get plastic out of my life, because it is bad for my long-term health and the health of the planet. The problem is that plastic is damn near everywhere - leaching toxic chemicals into the world around you. Furthermore, plastic doesn't go away. Every bit of plastic that has ever been made is here to stay. It makes me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry [...]